How To use Our Platform?

Step By Step How to User our Platform. Please Watch the 2 Video link Above.

Why Do we use A Digital Photo? Is it possible to Be ReBalanced with Just a Digital Photo of you?

The answer is Yes, In Quantum Physics your digital photo is your unique Digital ID as it contains binary data that represents you and only you. When we input this binary data into any computer it will show the exact same picture of you. By Linking and converting your unique photo ID with our Could system with Quantum Server Scalar Broadcasting Station we can target a Scalar field to you no matter where you are located. Each server has Powerfull Scalar Broadcasting station assigned Specific to you when you utilise any of our Balancing services.

Our Quantum Server Scalar Broadcasting Station is the future of Quantum Healing.

Now you can enjoy Scalar Distance Healing without investing in an expensive Radionic device.

Just imagine, Balancing yourself when you are on travelling on a Train,an Airplane, Bus or waiting in a queue at the bank. Our Quantum Server are online 24X7 with a guaranteed uptime of 100%.

1) Sign Up on our website as Normal user and Do not forget to upload your Photo.

2) Check your email for confirmation and Log in as Normal user on our website.You will get 4 point free. If need more point you can purchase by emailing to us.

3) Click on the Programs and select the desire program if you want to balance on your self.

4) Under program name Click on detail to see the description.If you want to run specific program you can click on Run Program next to detail button.

5) After Run program you can click on History to see which program you ran on your self.