Photo Upload Instruction for Quantum Server.

Note: In order to maximize the Distance Balancing session please follow the specific photo upload guidelines. Our quantum server bound your photo automatic to our balancing programmes so the success rate depends on the quality of your photo. Please read the instructions below.

1. For Human

  • Photo must be full body or passport size. The Dimension not more than 1200X1600 Passport photo with white background is also equally effective.
  • The body clothing if possible can be in plain color,do not have too many patterns or words, an animals and other patterns on cloth. Do not use red color clothes.
  • Background of your photo must be any plain color preferable white color without any image of Animal picture or Power socket.
  • It can be plain white background or other light color.
  • If possible take picture without any cell phone, jewelry, Leather belts, shoe, Socks, eyeglass, any metal jewelry, hats, scarves, headgear etc.
  • Do not take picture immediately after stress or fight with other people.
  • your photo must be taken with normal mood.
  • Do not take picture at Night.
  • Preferable in day sunlight photo must be taken.
  • Do not upload whatsapp image.
  • Photo must be unedited.

For Business

  • Photo of Visiting card of company on white background.
  • For the CEO or Owner of company Scan image of Company Stamp with signature.

For Agriculture

  • Photo of land taken from google map.
  • Land photo with Sun on back side of photographer.
  • Photo of soil can also be used. Take soil sample from 4 corner of land and centre of land and mix it up and put on white background and take high resolution photo.